.CHPTR018 'Trip on Switch'

by mouseDown

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mouseDown (Barcelona, Spain) ‘Trip on switch’

19:00 pm on a cloudy and blurry day/world but internally the sun is radiant. Great communion of familiar and new faces gathered for the same cause. Serious start. We are smoothly grooving with elegance with delicate emotional pads, on point percussion and beautiful squeeze sounds/residues. Pleasant ear-to-ear stereo noisy sounds or a really present and protagonist mono shaker are key in the middle of all this marvelous soundscapes. We have not realized it but we are wrapped up, as if it was the best blunt, in an unrepeatable atmosphere. Major heart acceleration. Exquisite. Time to take a deep breath and get back on track. The first drops begin to fall, with more and more intensity, just like our rhythm on the worked dance floor. Great and happy vibes make us keep smiling at each other while dancing coordinated from one side to another. A rollercoaster of switched emotions caused by high level palpable cracking textures, sweet aggressiveness soundscapes along with a cosy kick (the whole time) and catchy classy dark and bright synths.

20:58 pm. Definitely happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remember to switch on the light (trip). On (a) switch trip. Trip on Switch.

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