.CHPTR039 'Posant llum a la foscor'

by Joan Gila

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When you are halfway there, you may find that you have spent more than half the time and effort you planned to invest to reach your goal, and darkness may appear at this point. If this happens, think that the investment in time and effort is not usually linear to progress and that the beginnings almost always take more than the time we had budgeted.

But you know what? That you can get it, you just have to remember why you started and so you can achieve it.

Joan Gila is the curator of HOC radio and half of the Binomi project. For this mix he tells us: “I have always thought that the dubtechno does not have to be dark or that the idea can be turned a bit. Dubtechno relaxes me a lot and I can see bright and major tones".

Definitely, it's a matter of putting light to darkness.

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