.CHPTR010 ‘Forest asymmetry’

by Høll

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Høll (Prague, Czech Republic)| 'Forest asymmetry'

Throughout the next superb hypnotic and captivating musical adventure, you’ll notice a visible row of trees with widely spread branches (sounds) seemingly in the middle of the wilderness forest. As we delve deeper, wetter, and dimly lit areas, we note that these trees would become obviously asymmetrical as the branches (sounds) grew toward the sunny side (bright/encouraging/promising beats) and away from the shaded side (obscure/dusky/murky beats). Definitely, a well crafted mix full of powerful sounds, hidden messages and moods that create deep positive impacts. Undoubtedly the forest is an incalculable source of wealth that contributes to the integral development of society.

Uploaded by 12 August 2020


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