.CHPTR025 'Floating Fields'

by Dycide

22 plays

Floating removes you from the outside world and gives your mind the freedom to wander wherever it wants to go. You have a space where you can lie down, removed from the pressure of thinking, discussing, or participating in anything at all. It’s an environment that exists almost completely opposite our current plugged-in, sensory-driven way of life. Flourishing and regaining back all the dark/bright, warmth/cold, emotive/cheerful, ambiguous and mysterious sensations that has now all but vanished leaving abandoned souls.

Dycide is a producer / DJ, professional sound designer and visual artist from Munich / Germany. Back in 2014, he established the Dycide pseudonym in order to release mainly minimalistic deep drum and bass. However, he slowly started changing more and more to techno oriented music and, along the way, he and his close friends established @iorecs, an audiovisual label, focusing on experimental ambient and deep techno and atmospheric artwork. Besides these projects David is working as an interactive sound designer and audio software developer.

Uploaded by 29 March 2021


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