.CHPTR026 ' Revolving Bridges'

by a_mal_gam_a

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The Revolving bridge was a portable bridge concept designed by Leonardo Da Vinci intended for military use. The main objective was to facilitate mobility helping armies to navigate unfamiliar terrain with less difficulty, and more easily escape from pursuing forces. A concept that seen from their current musical point of view has a lot to do with it.

“The idea starts from building a bridge between this current abnormality and the return to real life on a sea of ​​sound waves, creating a journey of peaks and valleys around electronics with a horizontal vocation, sound textures and contemporary chamber music”.

a_mal_gam_a took shape, back in 2016, when Diskoan (Juan Peralta) and Josephine's Soundscapes (José Salas) joined forces to create a research platform to explore electronic music beyond conventional parameters.

In this DJ-set they bring the dynamics of their sessions at "Avalovara, club de escucha", a pioneering monthly listening club in Madrid, where the most unusual music and visuals induce the attendees to a special state that encourages active listening and sensory experience mixed with (less conventional) ludic enjoyment.

In April 2021, a_mal_gam_a has curated the program for En Pausa, a festival dedicated to horizontal music and deep listening.

The session was recorded in the @radio-relativa studios in Madrid.

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