.CHPTR037 ‘Akokhan’s Forgiveness’

by Dj Raph

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A manic mix built on a cheesy popular local DJ Sample "wapi nduru?”, which is Kiswahili equivalent of "let me hear you scream!”. Oddly brilliant and damn addictive.

Raph is a Nairobi-based producer/DJ, constantly testing the boundaries of what’s acceptable/dope. Inspired by the great Frank Odoi and dedicated to all Kenyan comics, NAICCON 2021 (World’s Loudest Library) and Mutendei Writes. Akokhan is an engrossing and spellbinding comic story from Frank Odoi that imaginatively and profoundly interrogates the age-old questions of good and evil, the dark side and the good side. Something that Raph has perfectly reflected musically in the following mix, surfing between chaos and harmony, love and evil.

Definitely, a dance between hell and heaven.

Uploaded by 08 November 2021


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