.CHPTR034 ‘Nook’

by Suski

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Everyone has their particular nook. That cozy little corner or small safe area where we can sit and be sheltered from the senselessness and meaninglessness that surrounds us.

Suski (aka Susanna Nuutinen) is a Helsinki based DJ and co-founder of the Electronic Market collective. A deep appreciation for the underground and all things arcane have been the cornerstones of her years of involvement in the local music scene. Operating with an intuitive and curious approach, Suski's voyager-like explorations demonstrate a yearning for deepness and trippy mind travel. Her reverence for unity and shared experiences creates a wrapping in which uncanny, striking and celestial sonic forces meet in places like Helsinki's Kaiku and Post Bar as well as cities across Europe. Furthermore, Suski's episodes at IDA Radio showcase her unalloyed enjoyment of musical diversity, resulting in a hazily soothing hurdle of emotions.

For this particular chapter, Susanna tells us: ‘the inspiration for this mixtape is an imaginary forest walk with my dog Nook - that kind of trip that makes you calm down.

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