.CHPTR032 'El arte de escuchar'

by Nico Rosenberg

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The art of listening is largely the art of understanding, the art of respecting and the art of giving in. Knowing how to listen is putting yourself in the place of others, being tolerant and flexible. We can understand the reasons of the others and we can see reality from another perspective. Having the ability to listen allows us to perceive the implicit message that is being communicated to us.

Nico Rosenberg is a producer and sound artist from Santiago (Chile) who stands out for his hopeful and melancholic sound. His work is a constant investigation of chance and random processes in the use of cassette recorders, synthesizers and acoustic instruments. Nico is currently studying Sound Arts in Berlin. About his mix, Nico adds: “More than a concept, it is an emotion”.

Uploaded by 12 July 2021


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