.CHPTR014 'Tribute to 横 田 進' Sakura

by Eafhm

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This piece is a part of 4 Audiovisual presentations prepared by the artist Eafhm as a tribute and commemoration of the life of the late artist 横 田 進

“Yokota’s music was always completely individual, always esoteric yet never willfully indulgent. His touch was that of a master craftsman, creating intricate musical jewels that sparkled like no others. There’s no doubt that if he had been in a position to play live concerts his reputation would far exceed many of his contemporaries. He will be sorely missed by those who value quality and originality in music”.

A clear tribute Eafhm make to him consisting of several sessions and live performances with a special dedication, full of love and a lot of hard work on. Fun, demented, freewheeling, colourful, narcotic and oddly human. A fully acknowledgment of gratitude, respect and admiration. Timeless. Thanks.

Original Artwork from the album 'Sakura' by Susumu Yokota

Uploaded by 15 September 2020


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