.CHPTR015 'Escape the truffles of Venus'

by Stigr

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Stigr (Angers, France) | ‘Escape the truffles of Venus’

The truffles of Venus (or better known as Capezzolli di Venere). These forbidden and tempting confections/truffles (sounds) are heavenly, authentic gems. They are said to be so pleasurable that to eat (listen) them is like kissing the breast of the goddess herself. Chestnuts (ambient), brandy (drone), and high-quality dark chocolate (slow techno) are the key ‘ingredients’ that reveals the entity and total development of this smooth and husky mix at the same time. Vibrant, colourful, brawny, well built, trippy, light and fluffy. Incredible novel and refreshing sounds melting with enriched textures and later cool down with amniotic organic sounds. Naughty and delicious divine temptations you try to escape from but you cannot, can you?

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