.CHPTR012 'Starquake'

by Binary Thoughts

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A sudden release of energy transmitted as musical-rhythmic seismic waves is perceived, potentially with great pleasant violence. The first to arrive is a gravitational sound wave full of rich vivid textures along with crystal clear percussion that goes straight to the point, tearing the continents (bodies) (.)apart and the atmosphere (mind) upside down. Fractions of seconds later, a sound wave of magnetic pressure hits you gracefully with accurate and elegant bass distortion, alongside background soundscapes you would never want to leave behind. Radiation in the form of catchy dark-luminous melodies and overwhelming low-end signals travels through the earth (soul), removing the atmosphere and heating the surface in the process. It definitely knocks us out of orbit. A starquake just happened.

Uploaded by 15 September 2020


.apart was born from the act of resigning our fears and embarking on a new path where passion and essence walk hand by hand. In order to transmit the true essence of musical passion, we aim to cre...

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