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Artist: I.X.O.P.

Album: Deep in Space

Release Year: 2024

Genre: Psychill

From the cosmic depths of the electronic music universe, I.X.O.P's latest offering, "Deep in Space," emerges as a beacon for psychill enthusiasts and festival-goers alike. This album is not merely a collection of tracks, but a thoughtful odyssey that captivates the mind and soul, ideally suited for the downtempo dance floors anticipated at global festivals in 2024.

"Deep in Space" marks a notable evolution in I.X.O.P’s musical journey, diving into a realm where melody and rhythm fuse in celestial harmony. The album kicks off with "Liquid Thoughts," setting the tone with its ethereal synths and a smoothly progressing 4/4 beat that gently pulls the listener into I.X.O.P’s orbit. The track’s nuanced build-ups and breaks showcase the artist’s prowess in creating music that is as introspective as it is expansive.

As the album unfolds, tracks like "Celestial Minds" and "Colorful Vibrations" intertwine lush, atmospheric textures with compelling melodies that are both serene and stimulating. The standout track, "Profound Transformation", epitomizes the album’s essence with its captivating melodic lines that float over a robust, yet understated, bass-driven beat. This track, in particular, feels like a midnight journey through starlit skies, with every beat and note perfectly placed to enhance the listener's sensory experience.

The production quality of "Deep in Space" is immaculate. Each track is polished to perfection, allowing the deep, resonant beats to shine through without overpowering the intricate layers of sound that give the album its meditative quality. It’s a testament to I.X.O.P's attention to detail and understanding of what makes a psychill track work not just as background music but as a transformative experience.

Moreover, "Deep in Space" is structured in such a way that it maintains a cohesive flow, gradually building intensity and complexity. This pacing ensures that it’s not just a collection of tracks, but a singular, unified journey. It encourages the listener to play the album from start to finish, each track segueing into the next with purpose and intention.

"Deep in Space" is a profoundly engaging album that deserves a spot on the playlists of anyone who appreciates the deeper, more contemplative side of psychill music. With its thoughtful compositions and compelling rhythms, it's destined to become a favorite on the downtempo dance floors of the world's most forward-thinking festivals. I.X.O.P has truly crafted a masterpiece that resonates with the soul of its genre, making "Deep in Space" a landmark album in the psychill scene.

♪♫ W&P by Themistoklis Xafis (aka SpaceWave), Greece

Mastering by DJ Zen, Canada



Artwork by Digitalys Studios


Offered in 24bit studio master quality only in Bandcamp:


Released by 17 May 2024
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I.X.O.P. - "Deep in Space"

by I.X.O.P.

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