With the project XV | 1 Affin leaves 15 years of its existence behind and looks expectantly and full of optimism into the future.

The A side starts with MTRL's (co-founder of the Munich IO label), "Spice Fields" who celebrates his Affin debut here with a delicate, driving track. Another premiere is the first cooperation between Cauê and Joachim Spieth, who celebrate here with "Alpha", an atmospheric multi-modulated piece of club music.

The B side starts with an old acquaintance, Reggy Van Oers, who makes a massive reappearance with "niffA" after a few years of abstinence. Svarog closes the first episode of our 15th anniversary with the pushing "Psalm". All tracks were mastered at the Berlin-based Artefacts Mastering Studio. Markus Guentner, a label artist from the early days, is responsible for the graphic design and also did a logo redesign.

design | www.markus-guentner.de

photo | www.joachimspieth.de

mastering | www.artefactsmastering.com

distribution | www.spacecadets.world

℗ & © Affin 2022


Released by 22 June 2022


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XV | 1 (MTRL, Joachim Spieth & Cauê, Reggy Van Oers, Svarog)

by Svarog, Reggy van Oers, Cauê, Joachim Spieth, MTRL

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