Virescence Explorations - Chapter 8

by Minjoon

8 plays

" Music expresses what cannot be said and what it is impossible to remain silent about" Victor Hugo.

Bio :

Minjoon was fascinated by the joining of his painting awareness and techno sound. His theme consciousness is to find an ambiguous equilibrium point based on the extreme paradoxes of "Unfamiliar familiar" and "Autumn aesthetics". And it departs from pre-sound conversation. Ambiguous shapes and colors in images are not a visual sense, but appeal to another sense of energy.

Sound becomes another material with various colors in him. He likes to solve the story of music by the color and texture felt in the sound without entangled configuration of music. The sound that seems to be suppressed gives a feeling like falling into heavy water, but at a certain moment it is crying for the structural escape of the structure. Music is throwing a quiet question while finding a balance that never exists as another means of exploring his theme consciousness.

1. s.soo - 11.00am [D.M.T. Records]

2. AIRTH - Decay [PL2UA]

3. Nahualism - Oditp [Secuencias Temporales]

4. Cities Last Broadcast - Anomaly [Cryo Chamber]

5. Martyria - Nekros [Martyria]

6. Mondfinsternis - Aegishjalmur [Mondfinsternis]

7. Marcelo - Hope for Heroes [PL2UA]

8. Noiztatic - She Told Him [Sefr Records]

9. Black Sheep - Epitath [OKVLT]

10. Lustmord - Grigori [Lustmord]

11. Henrik Nordvargr Björkk / Margaux Renaudin - L'avènement Du Néant [Cold Spring]

12. Double Tip - Bontsa [HOMVA]

13. Głós - Poem (Fandom Heartache) [Głós]

14. Alis - ASP [Opal Tapes]

15. 1in10 - Principles (Enigma - Principles)




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