Tina Jander

Like a child,

I enjoy generating new ideas.

The experimental music I produce consists currently out of recordings of cello, steel drum, piano, guitar (electric and acoustic), flute, harmonium, percussions, but also field recordings of birds, children's voices, dog's barks, my own voice and analog synthesis.

Inspiration lurks around every corner. I pursuit a combination of powerful rhythms and mystical experiences. I want to express: "Wake up! You can create your own rules und build up soundscapes that are liberating and honest!"

My DAW is Ableton and Max MSP. I'm interested in sounds, that are balancing on the fine edge between harmony and disharmony, smoothness and distortion, serenity and irritation. I'm always on the chase for fresh and vibrant sounds.

My newest obsession and influential for various unreleased tracks are currently Max MSP Patches, which might change my soundscapes dramatically.

I never avoid a good discussion and you can always make me change my mind with good arguments.