Sustention is a hamburg based Techno DJ & Producer.

Born and raised in southern Germany.

Playing piano and drums as a child and having 6 siblings that all aswell played instruments, he was always in contact with music.

This is also where he began, in the age of 14 years, to start producing music.

Where as in the beginning it was Dubstep and partly Drum and Bass when he then started producing Techno at around 16 years of age.

His brother Introversion was and still is one of his biggest insparations for him.

From a more rave inspired style his sound transitioned into a more groovy but still a little ravy and trancy sounding techno.

His first release was on the Label KONFLKT which included three originals and one remix by Introversion.

Sustention is an artist of the urzeiger collective from south Germany where he had most of his gigs.

The biggest one was an event where he played alongside his brother Introversion.

As of July 2022 he is officially resident at the Grauzone Event Series based in southern Germany.