June 30,2021
Formaviva June Selection 2021

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Track of the Month

Ezra Shodan - Inoxcrom [Noise Disorder Kollektive]

LEFTFIELD TECHNO / UK BASS | A freeform curveball blending UK Bass, techno and drum & bass gestures, 'Inoxcrom' is an addictive slab of razor sharp rhythm science. NoiseDisorderKollektive is diverse electronic label from Santiago, Chile. Artist Ezra Shodan also hails from the Chilean capital, although further biographical information was hard to find. Perhaps the way it should be when it comes to outstanding, independent music!

June Selection

Data Domain - Hundreds of Definitions [Secuencias Temporales]

IDM / AMBIENT | Resolutely melancholic, the undulating swirl of 'Hundreds of Definitions' is a perfect example of icy post-club ambience. The ever-on-point Mexican label Secuenicas Temporales continues its broad and always enchanting explorations, far from the mainstream.

Scøpe - Smelting Road [SCOPÁVIK]

IDM / LEFTFIELD TECHNO | South Korean artist Scøpe continues his exemplary work, melding acid, IDM and slo-mo (half-time) future bass formations. Complete with beautiful hand painted artwork by Seoul based artist Pano, and a remix by Psyk, SCOPÁVIK keep on pushing the curve.

Tasoko - Arc [Liquid Drop Groove]

EXPERIMENTAL / IDM | Following a similar thread to Scøpe's low-swung cross-tempo trip, Japanese artist Tasoko leads us down an even more psychedelic path. A handful of choice, well measured elements are gracefully deployed in a electronic dance, both psychotic and calming.

Judy - Strict [Subsist Records]

PEAK-TIME TECHNO | Subsist continues its prolific run of releases, with a highlight being Judy's surging 'Strict' LP. Silky up-tempo techno for high-energy floors... yet the action remains restrained, classy and highly effective.

Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikförening - Victory Over The Sun (Svreca Remix) [Semantica]

LEFTFIELD TECHNO | Svreca steps up present, correct and on-point in this reduced and optimised true-techno remix of the effervescent (now sold-out) German krautrock-leaning original material.

Assimilated - City of Light (Massa Remix) [KVLTÖ]

HYPNOTIC TECHNO | Sometimes simplicity in techno (combined with an innate, instinctive ear for a groove) leads to the best results. Hidden Traffic boss Massa lays down a deadly, tracky remix for Martyn Päsch's KVLTÖ label. One for the tree-lined open air festivals this summer!

ki ya tori - ocha [mimoton]

MELODIC TECHNO |Imparting a certain live energy, slippery arrangements and analogue synth virtuosity, Berlin duo ki ya tori continue to surprise with their sunny, positively charged melodic output on mimoton.

Shoal - Free of Selves [System Revival Recordings]

EXPERIMENTAL | Part of a broad and extremely well curated benefit compilation, with all proceeds going to the Wave of Hope foundation, based in the Moria camp on Lesvos, Greece. Shoal's exquisite, abstract elongation of time and space stands out as a highlight amongst a heavyweight package spanning experimental, techno, house and IDM on System Revival.

Simone Gatto - Body Sound Dialogue [Pregnant-Void]

AMBIENT / EXPERIMENTAL | Founder of the excellent Out-er label, pushing a vivid strand of colourful techno and house, Simone Gatto's new 'Mindful Life' LP on sub-label Pregnant Void marks a milestone in his career. The sound therapist and long-time producer lays down a summer-sweet and life-giving sonata fusing world music percussion and charming improvised synth overdubs..

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