April 30,2021
Formaviva April Selection 2021

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Track of the Month

Seiichiro Itoyama - The Fall [Liminal]

A bright new talent, Seiichiro Itoyama launched his Liminal label this month with ‘The Fall.’ A robust fusion of stripped and deadly DJ tools, full of smoky particle streams and pummeling sub-bass, the EP is crowned by its technicolour title track. Glissando sine-waves sparkle and entrance, a rapturous gift to the scene and an instant future-classic.

April Selection

How to levitate - Frozen Lake [Sequencias Temporales]

Gorgeous dub-techno sonics and hazy atmospherics a-plenty from dextrous Spanish producer How to levitate. While very hard to pick a favourite track, ‘Frozen Lake’ just tips it for us, with its arching widescreen storyline and overlapping sprinklings of melody.

Empirical Distress - Poverty Blues [Artscope]

Promising producer Empirical Distress lays down 6 tracks of crafty, no-nonsense early morning techno and ambience in this new EP for Artscope. ‘Poverty Blues’ works a metallic ring-modded synth stab to build a stone-cold vibe. Reminiscent of the post-minimal era Berlin classics on Fachwerk Records, this is urgent dub-techno for discerning dancefloors.

Olorun - Aroüagues (Daniel[i] Amalgam) [Whispering Signals]

A long-serving member of our community, Daniel[i] keeps on delivering the goods. Alongside Olorun's excellent percussive trips, comes the Whispering Signals boss’ version, twisting dub-siren delays and alien sound design into a beguiling, tribal workout in a category of its own.

Inland, Pharaoh, Yogg - Filiformis [Counterchange]

Another Formaviva exclusive this month, Inland’s Counterchange imprint issued a real synaptic stimulator in the form of this collab with Parallax Records co-founders Pharaoh and Yogg. The stomping modular rumblings of ‘Filiformis’ push hard at the apex; its chattering high-end awash with morphing textures in a surging future-acid banger.

Lost Few - Indecision (Karim Maas Remix) [Southern Lights]

An industrial battering ram, patiently flexing its muscles at 109 bpm, Karim Maas’ rework implants his molten, overdriven analogue sound in style. Precise bass work and distorted tape delay trails are glued together in a stand out cut from the UK soundsmith.

Trøm Borg - Interstellar Cloud [Ancestral Process]

Ecstatic, cosmic techno bursting with ideas and character. With a jubilant swing in its step, Amsterdam’s Trøm Borg conjures a magical, organic supernovae. ‘Interstellar Cloud’ draws influences from Detroit and of course Borg's native tradition of poignantly blending the best of house, techno, funk and disco into one heaving, party-starting beast.

Empath - Xibalba [Empath]

A busy artist on the platform, comfortable with sidestepping genres and moods as he explores a world of sonic possibilities, Empath offered up an extended EP of moody ambient works this month. ‘Xibalba’ could be the sound of AI musicians warming up for an off-world jam, beamed via satellite from a distant meteor-belt.

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