Oslated Special Mix 007

by Axymt.

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The second week of July 2021.

Oslated Special Mix 007 - Axymt.

* Vinyl only mix.

Axy Tmt, Somnium

Lyon, France

Native from south of France, Axymt. is a truly electronic music lover.

Vinyl collector since 2014, he have found his style in kind of very deep and atmospheric music. With the soul of a digger, he launch Axy Tmt YouTube channel where we can find last nicest music releases or some old forgotten treasures.

In 2018, he launch his collective called Somnium. His several performances at La Vallée Electrique and other locations, brought him to play with great artists such as VBC [Vibrance], 9beats, Ben Buitendijk, Fjader, Nems-B, Keikari, Headless Horseman…

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