One.Seventy is a South London based Drum & Bass music event and record label focussing on new experiemental music made at 170 beats per minute.

We have been running events at Peckham’s Rye Wax since 2016 and have also hosted stand alone events outside of London, notably hosting a live electronics space at the international DAFx conference in Birmingham. Stand out performances include sets from Pessimist, Logos, DB1, Overlook, Mantra, Chris Inperspective, Antagonist, DAAT, Escher and Forest Drive West.

Launching the One.Seventy record label in late 2019, we have released a 10 track various artists album and are now following with a series of artist singles and EPs. The label is a vehicle for us to further expand on our vision of the music working closely with the artists who have made our events successful.