Northallsen Records

Northallsen Records is a music label influenced by the diverse soundscapes, natural surroundings, atmospheres and biodiversity around the world. The Northallsen Records sound reveals a strong connection between music and Natural World, ancestral spirits, and mystique embodied. It’s a beautiful and magic soundtrack for the souls, minds and bodies.

​Northallsen is a techno & experimental electronic music label focused in the atmospheric, deep and hypnotic side of techno electronic music. Our fundamental goal as label is to show the artistic side of electronic music, to highlight the aspects about musical composition into the electronic music and the correlation between electronic and other rhythms and kinds of music.

​Distributing music through digital platform, limited edition CDs and vinyl records. Distribution By Envelope Structure, Spain.

Northallsen Records, founded in Bogota 2016 by Aleja Sanchez.