Newrhythmic Records

When Joton launched "Newrhythmic Records", it was very clear for him what he wanted from this new label, and of course, the time and effort to devote to it.But things do not always go as planned and sometimes, they go better.Newrhythmic Rec. has required more dedication than expected, but nowadays the state of maturity of the label also entered the most optimistic estimate.

In less than a decade, Newrhythmic has reached greater projection than the artist that put him into orbit: fifty producers have posted a release or have remixed original tracks taken from Newrhythmic Records release; and they are not always inexperienced artists who try to make themselves known on any label that wants to host their work: Cast a glance at the names that have signed works for NR.

And this was a change that Joton had to accept according to the approach that he had done with Newrhythmic Records: soon, it ceased to be a small footplate for launching new values and started being a young label with signing titles or with the help of "the greatest beasts" of European techno, headliners and mythical names that, for some reason, feel concerned by this proposal. The main immovable and self-defining premises stick to the projection of artists and their works that will orbit near the original industrial dark techno in Berlin, Birmingham and the birthing of the best known techno: Detroit. The new releases that NewRhythmic Could admit, had to convey a definite and direct relationship with these cribs of the most purist techno. But of course two decades after its appearance, these releases also had to bring something new and fresh, but always without distorting the essence of old school techno.

And so it has been and remains: Newrhythmic regularly surprises us with new artists, young prospects, rookies who have met Joton and his career and that have experienced the "smell" of this veteran from Leon and that invites them into his Newrhythmic family.