Molecular Recordings

Molecular was born from the collaboration between Marco Lenzi and Marco D’Arcangelo. Their passion for music led to the birth of Molecular Recordings in 1994, becoming one of the well respected techno labels from the U.K. Forging over time a respectable legacy and becoming increasingly popular throughout the mid ‘00s. From here they started releasing their own material alongside several other known artists.

Molecular means cutting edge techno, evolving with the time, but concentrating on releasing good quality music, proud of being open to new talents and featured some of the most innovative sounds. The label has since expanded releasing some excellent debuts and special releases.

* Dj Bone which released his first ever record on Molecular (1996)

* Inigo Kennedy first official releases on a label (1996)

* Chris Liebing first release on a U.K. label (1999)

Other artist associated with the label are: K.Hand, Holy Ghost, Colin Mc Bean AKA Mr. G , Jeroen Search, Oliver Ho, Anderson Noise, to name just a few. As for the future, we will continue to sustain the standard set. The XX series: with no artist and no tracks names, basically a deeper branch of Molecular, where established techno names are allowed to experiment further to the forefront of Techno. As for the future, we will continue to sustain the standard set, promote new talents and release proper techno.