Marco Bruno

Marco Bruno’s focus as an artist is to transmit, to communicate, to forge a whole from elements that are both corporeal and transcendental, to conjure up a sonic and emotional scene that is diverse, pure and free. From his early influences, this prodigious artist began his creative journey selecting records as resident for many clubs of his native region Apulia (South of Italy). In those years he experienced the essence of growth: patience, determination and charisma generated the perfect dynamism allowing him to cross the national border performing in the most respectable European capitals.

His productions, which are defined more by feeling than by genre, contain glints of Ambient, broken beats, Techno, but stand apart from specific classification: mindset is geared towards versatility, completeness. Milestones of his discography are the records released on Ben Sims' platforms: Symbolism, Hardgroove and Machine: a project curated by Ben himself and Kirk Degiorgio that will see Marco alongside giants like Luke Slater, Robert Hood, Function, Oscar Mulero, Steffi and many more.

Surfing on the exploration's waves Marco Bruno brings to life his own label “Evighet” (etymologically coming from Swedish and meaning 'Eternity'): a journey focused on describing identity shades, an anthropological storytelling format focused on how human personalities could evolve and define themselves on time. This is the most transcendental vision of Evighet in which Marco Bruno's aim is to outline his interpretation of Electronic Music into an undefined temporal space. The project will see Marco involved also outside the clubs scenario, composing music for theatrical projects (and not only), effectively opening at the best his frontiers as a storyteller.

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