Kymvalon is a DJ, producer, and psychologist. His sound moves away from the simplified conventional techno and follows a dark, hypnotic, radical approach. According to Kymvalon, music can be a more powerful and advanced way of communication than verbal language, and under certain conditions, it also has the potential to be therapeutic and lead to catharsis.

His in-depth knowledge and expertise in psychoanalysis, along with his awakened sensibility to sound design, provide him the necessary tools to use as a way of inducing hypnosis by fostering focused energy and attention on various repetitive and progressive sounds such as mind-expanding, droning atmospheres, mystical, tribal rhythms, spacey and penetrating sound effects, suspenseful and apprehensive breaks, rich and distinct low frequencies, and explorative, shifting soundscapes between light and dark, meditative sonic dimensions.

Kymvalon recently released music on Dynamic Reflection and Corpus Black. His debut album (LP) "Seek Within" will be released on Diffuse Reality on the 21.09.22