May 19,2020
Formaviva Label Kickstart

We are thrilled to announce a new initiative under the hood of Formaviva.

We are launching a Formaviva Label Kickstart, an initiative to help the innovative artists and individuals to launch and kickstart their labels and bring their music to the world.

It has come to our attention that many creative individuals could benefit from such a service. We want to help those creators by connecting them with the experts to help them develop the label concept, visual appearance, and work on audio mastering and mixing, copywriting, and manifesting arts into the physical world with vinyl pressing and music distribution through our platform and the internet.

Here are some of the benefits that selected labels will be able to enjoy:

  • help with developing the label image and concept
  • assistance with our professional copywriting team to help transform sounds and ideas into words
  • assistance with developing visual language and finding the right graphic designer
  • reduced fees for the music released exclusively on Formaviva
  • unlimited high-quality upload for the artist profiles
  • early access to new features on Formaviva
  • extended promotion in our internal circles
  • help with merchandising, defining the target audience and listening to audience growth
  • assistance with planning the releases
  • assistance and help with bringing music to a physical format (vinyl pressing, cd and cassette production)

Are you a label owner or an artist who would like to start your own?

Apply now