The audiovisual label and artist collective, based in Munich, Germany is known for releases based in the deep techno and ambient genre. Through catchy sound design, complex rhythms, psychedelic audiovisual live performances and visual art, the label creates a manifold, genre independent experience.

The label‘s artists are combining the love for nature with impressions of the digital world, with which they draw a multi-facetted picture of the current spirit of the age. This results in a synaesthetic as well as genre combining experience with driving and deep beats to take you on a trip into the unknown.

To remain faithful to nature, the label produces all of its products ecologically and in line with nature.

Furthermore they are curating a platform for visual artists around the world, who are creating series of visual artworks in a bimonthly release pattern. Additionally they host a podcast series, featuring producers and DJs in the deep techno, ambient and experimental genre.