Fur:ther Sessions | 023 | Ranjit Nijjer

by Ranjit Nijjer

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Ranjit Nijjer (Melbourne | Australia)

With over sixteen years experience in all things Techno in Melbourne, Australia, Ranjit Nijjer has truly carved out his own unique piece of the city’s landscape as a promoter, DJ and more recently as a producer. His event Technoir has become an institution in Melbourne; an important Techno destination over its 16 year life, showcasing home made talent from across the full spectrum of Techno.

Ranjit’s DJ sets are full of energy and a delicate intensity, as he expertly layers and weaves high volumes of tracks to create a truly distinctive dance floor experience for Techno fans both young and old.

Whether it is deep, hypnotic, ethereal rhythms or relentless, pounding harder sounds (often tinged with his special brand of funk), Ranjit gives the dancefloor and the listener his all.

This passion and care has seen Ranjit consistently booked around town for many years now, including several appearances at the acclaimed Rainbow Serpent Festival.

2020 has already seen Ranjit release his first two EPs on Australian Techno imprint Machine, with another follow up in the pipeline. More releases and remix projects are very much on the horizon as he establishes himself as a producer to watch in the future.



Artwork by Dunkelschwarz


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