floating machine

Floating Machine is Antonio Lourenço, a portuguese producer within the experimental ambient techno scope of sounds, he gathered influences from Jazz and Ambient to techno, with Psychedelic and Hypnotic soundscapes.

Learned and played regularly instruments like guitar, piano or sax and took part in some experimental projects in distinct areas like jazz, funk or reggae.

Influenced by the electronic music, start to produce, exploring these early influences into techno context and also leaning deeply into the palette of ambient experimental sounds

Boom Festival, Hadra, ZNA Gathering, Freedom Festival, are some of the events where Floating Machine has performed.

You can find his music on Bandcamp, or labels as Aarden rec, Techgnosis, Electrik Dream, Mindspring and Blind Arc.

Using music to connect and communicate, taking the listener to adventurous and unpredictable aural journeys is what he is intended with his productions.