After kicking off Bella Ursa’s season 2 with our Nebula Aranea series, we’re delighted to present the first album of yet another talented individual from our hometown of Strasbourg: Nocto.

Nocto has been on a very intimate journey for years and seems to have evolved in a galaxy of his own. Drifting away from planet Burial to all kinds of pop-infused nebulas, his music radiates a strong cosmic energy to which the Bella Ursa’s mothership felt spontaneously attracted.

Like a skilled woodworker, Nocto meticulously crafts his music using percussive sounds and soundscapes directly borrowed from Mother Nature. In his imaginary world, She has recently regained Her sovereignty over a civilisation blindly guided by technology and over-information. Spectres can still be heard roaming in between concrete walls and the ever -present vegetation…

Is it a dystopia or utopia? We’ll let you decide by going on a trek amongst these 12 tracks of ritualistic patterns guided by the sound of bass music!

Released by 14 October 2021
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Uncanny Valley

by Nocto

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