ATŌMI is the solo project of the Italian born Berlin based electronic music producer and sound artist Lorenzo Setti.

He debuted in 2020 with the first EP of a trilogy concept project called “ARMØNIA” (Jikken Records) featuring the artwork by Serjan Burlak “Biogenic” and five videos directed by Carlo Fanchini, Cugeeno, Alessandra Leone, Chiara De Maria and Matteo Gatti.

In 2021 he co-produced the track “Water Water” featured in the album “WE” by violinist and composer Laura Masotto (7K! Records).

He has also been featured in two charity compilation for humanitarian aid: “Sounds of Solidarity” curated by Luca Longobardi and “CLOSE\STARE” curated by Oigovisiones Records with two tracks: “Stasi” and “Õnde”.

On Oct. 7th has been released his first LP “Little Floating Oracles” via Lady Blunt Records: the album is a deep, cinematic and emotional work about the pre-natal state of life, featuring opera singer Giulia Bernardi and violinist Laura Masotto. The evocative artwork has been designed by Riccardo Franco-Loiri “Akasha” and the project includes the collaboration with photographer and movie director Chiara De Maria.

Thanks to the collaboration with multimedia artists, architects and engineers, ATŌMI also designs interactive and immersive installations as well as audio visual live shows.