Art Bei Ton Podcast 015: Eyvind Blix

by Eyvind Blix

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Art Bei Ton Podcast 015: Eyvind Blix

We are really happy to host a Deep Techno set from the talented Eyvind Blix, for the 15th episode of this podcast series.

He was supposed to play at our event 'Art Bei Ton meets Oslated' (21.03.20 at Ipse). After closing due to COVID-19 restrictions, this legendary Berlin club recently burned down due to arson. We send them all our support <3

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More info about Eyvind Blix:

Eyvind Blix, a techno artist and producer originally from Sweden, is a musical phenomenon. He is blessed with the rare ability to utilize the entire sonic spectrum in his musical explorations, fusing hypnotic sonic texture with elements of darkness; he creates illusions, distorts perceptions, shakes realities.

He invokes feelings of contradiction, first luring the listener into a place of dreamlike bliss, then forcing them into a surreal darkness where all notions of space and time are lost. These two contradictory strands of his weave together to form a dramatic, transcendent whole.

SC: @eyvind-blix




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