.CHPTR028 'Flying saucers in Torriglia'

by Camu

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The set is inspired around the central theme of the album Ipnopedion made by Timo van Luijk & Frederik Croene. An album superbly built from the hypnosis session that Pier Fortunato Zanfretta agreed to undergo in order to find meaning after he had been abducted by a UFO. A sonic invitation that extracts how it feels to be taken by extraterrestrial forces.

Compulsive buyer of electronic listening vinyls based in Madrid, Javier Camuñas says: “I like how these types of semi-nightmare dreamlike passages remain in the central parts of the sets, with moments of tension-relaxation, drone, dark-jazz…”

Words that are perfectly reflected in all his neatness and healing mixes, offering us what his precious shelves hide.

Uploaded by 17 May 2021


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