Mental, trippy, textural, spacious, drony, melancholic, and SciFi-inspired are just some of the ways Moroccan-born artist Anechoic portrays the techno he has been creating and curating in his current city, Paris.

As a Hybrid Live Act, Anechoic has performed at some interesting locations with curated line-ups in France, and has also made some appearances across Europe.

Alongside his different productions and performance pursuits, Anechoic is committed to learning and sharing his expertise and uplifting up-and-coming members of the music industry from his Parisian based studio.

Anechoic uses a combination of synths, drum machines, and modular equipment to produce and perform his brand of hypnotic and dark techno. His latest EP, « Hyperspectral » on Konsequent Records (Berlin), draws on these qualities and is a collection of true wormhole techno.

His music is perfectly suited for heady, psychedelic dancefloors and wouldn’t sound out of place at Japan’s psychedelic techno mecha Labyrinth Festival.

Anechoic has signed several releases on international labels like: Konsequent Records, Faut Section, Credo Records, Subsist Records to name few.

2020 has seen Anechoic reinvent himself once again through new performances allowing him to explore different universes and facets of the techno music. He has made his last appearance with one of the most appreciated festivals in France, Chateau Perché at Border City in Paris.