Oslated Mix Episode 168

by Kim Jooyoung

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The fourth week of August 2019.

Oslated Mix Episode 168 - Kim Jooyoung

Kim Jooyoung was mesmerized with the addictive rhythm of house and techno, and the sounds made by computers and synthesizers at an early age. It seems almost inevitable that he is currently living the life of a DJ.

He played his first set at a small lounge club in 2011. Since then he has focused on minimal rhythm structures that can arouse the listeners' emotions, and make the atmosphere feel spacious.

What sets him apart from other DJs is the fact that he majored in Sports Medicine. He is always paying attention to what effects the music he plays has on the listeners body and soul.

Kim tries to present the listeners with new experiences they would never have imagined in their everyday life. He is always searching for unique tracks late into the night and contemplating on how to mix them to communicate with the audience.

He is currently working on creating his own sound and structure, and working with local and international artists to develop the local electronic music scene.

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