Mysteries is proud to present a new album from NY-based sound designer and musician, Matthew Patterson Curry, known formerly for his project Safety Scissors. These pieces are thoughtful arrangements, each one complete in and of itself. However, when placed together, the result is a stunning and harmonious collection from an artist with a clear vision, voice and sound. Each of these seven compositions were commissioned for various film and art projects in New York and beyond, including a sci-fi short, an installation in Manhattan’s oculus, a quad multimedia installation by artist Peter Coffin, and others.

You only need to listen, though, to know that Curry is a master of the cinematic soundscape. His use of field recordings lends to this effect; we can almost see the Liang Ma river in “Liang Ma Meander,” a piece for the AR iOS app, Fields. Created as soundtracks to short films, arrangements such as “Not Where I Intended to Go,” “Aeranger,” and “All Tomorrow’s Parties” conjure distinct moods, guiding both ear and eye towards a panoramic, almost synesthetic vision. The album’s more expansive compositions, “Their World” and “Untitled (Wizard of Oz),” hover around the twenty-minute mark. Composed for film and multimedia installation respectively, they are sweeping and dynamic narratives, filled with moments of both quiet restraint and layered intensity. These commissioned pieces, crafted with precision, yield gorgeous results.

Written, Produced, and Mixed by Matthew Patterson Curry

Mastered by Abe Seiferth

Image by Sayler/Morris

Words by Taylor Bratches

Worldwide Distribution: Space Cadets Limited

Mysteries of the Deep

MOTDLP007, 2020

© All Rights Reserved

Released by 02 May 2020

Scores Vol. 1

by Matthew Patterson Curry

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