"When I make a record, I always know exactly what I want it to sound like — so it's all about building a holistic world from the sounds I hear in my head at that moment," says Lori Scacco, the New York-based composer and multi-instrumentalist whose latest album, "Desire Loop," is Mysteries of the Deep's third full-length album release.

For "Desire Loop," Scacco built a world all her own, and shared it with the world: "an album of synthesizer music that puts the study of color and texture at the forefront," writes Pitchfork's Philip Sherburne, with "consonant harmonies and simple melodies … evocative of European folk music."

An array of friends and collaborators re-envision "Desire Loop" through their own lens on the accompanying remix EP "Interpretations Vol. III": William Selman gently extends the subtle melodies of 'Red Then Blue.' Helado Negro shifts the mood of 'Other Flowers,' from somber to exploratory. Victoria Keddie amplifies the found sounds in 'Back to Electric.' A Grape Dope cuts up 'Interactivity In Plastic Space,' lending it downtempo flair. And last but not least, Certain Creatures offers up 'Other Flowers in Strange Cities,' an extended 12-minute journey that swirls, undulates, and arpeggiates in equal measure.

Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studios, New York

Photography by Candace Price

Design by Gabriel Benzur

Words by Chris Zaldua

Worldwide Distribution: Space Cadets Limited

Mysteries of the Deep

MOTDEP003, 2018

© All Rights Reserved

Released by 31 August 2018
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