Melantónia x Fango Radio - Pablo Diserens

by Pablo Diserens

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Melantónia Show x Fango Radio (03.05.2021) curated by Hanna Maria.

Next mix for the series broadcasted from the Tuscan Fango Radio is made by the Berlin-based field recordist, composer, filmmaker, visual artist and Melantónia's collaboration partner Pablo Diserens.

Blending a rich variety of located sounds with texts, analog photographs and video, Diserens' work brings the bio- and geological features of the explored environments to the foreground. They also compose electroacoustic sound pieces by fusing and altering an array of found sounds, objects and self-made instruments.

Since its foundation, Pablo takes care of all artworks of Melantónia's record releases.




Pict by Pablo Diserens

Artwork by Alessandro Burelli

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