Melantónia x Fango Radio - Lara Palmer

by Lara Palmar

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Melantónia Show x Fango Radio (10.12.2020) curated by Hanna Maria.

For the last appointment of "Melantónia x Fango Radio" in 2020 we are pleased to release a recording of Lara Palmer's DJset on 4 July 2020 at Blå in Oslo. The event was one of the few that took place during the pandemic. Follow the link to read more about the event and its circumstances:

Lara Palmer's sound oscillates somewhere between experimental and dreamy atmospheres, dark, hypnotic grooves, and straightforward techno. She has brought her selections to clubs in Germany and Norway, and in February 2020 she debuted at Tresor in Berlin. Lara is also a writer and resident for the Oslo-based techno music platform, community, and event series Monument.


Artwork by Kommonfaktor.

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