Melantónia x Fango Radio - Emika Elena

by Emika Elena


Melantónia Show x Fango Radio (12.11.2020) curated by Hanna Maria.

After her djset at Melantónia's first open air in collaboration with Rooms of Kairos in Berlin last summer, the Berlin based DJ/producer and founder of @emikaelenahml contributes to the project with this meditative and regenerative mix.

Music has always been a huge part of Emika Elena's life, ever since she started playing piano in her family home at the age of 4, but it was the discovery of techno in her early teens that led her to become a DJ.

Her trademark sound is often described as "hypnotic darkness" which intersects expressions of ambient, experimental, and techno in her mixes.

She is breaking out of standards and creating a new feeling of deepness and true creativity. You can hear her authenticity carrying you to the spheres of your inner soul.




Artwork by Kommonfaktor.

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