Melantónia Live 011 - Adhémar

by Adhémar

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With Adhémar's cross-continental musical journey we're glad to show you the live set number eleven of Melantónia. The multi-disciplinary artist establishes his universe through music and visual works, constantly in search of the luminous quality of sounds, in a world made of shadows and light, his music is closely linked to his plastic work.

This obsession with shadows leads him to think and create spaces, atmospheres that focus on the lightness and poetry of light. The idea of "narrative potential of music", allows us to confront the psychological and philosophical journey with a particular relationship on what is alive and what surrounds us (whether it is the material, immaterial world, the fact that everything is constantly becoming). With a particular rigour for transitions, whether in his own production or in his DJset, his universe is built little by little, with the passing of sound transformations and the light and poetic transportation of it all.






Artwork by Alessandro Burelli.

Mastered by Mattia Onori.

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