Melantónia Live 006 - Natasha Giordano & Filip Sijanec

by Natasha Giordano & Filip Sijanec

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Live 006 features a live recording performed by 'Same Sky' (alias Natasha Giordano & Filip Sijanec) using analogue gear such as Lyra8, Moog Mother, Moog Grandmother and sample recordings. The Crew of Melantónia is glad to welcome them, Hope you like this journey.

Natasha Giordano is a multi-instrumentalist and radio DJ based in London, her music is an experimental ambient journey through her inner places and emotions, and it often results in dark and dreamy soundscapes, sweet melodies, analogue drones and hypnotic vocal loops.

Filip Sijanec is a film music composer. In his previous life Filip played jazz and now he prefers to mangle audio, banging ashtrays and twisting knobs.

Natasha and Filip started a new collaboration in London named 'Same Sky', that features ambient lightwaves, experimental soundscapes and reverberated echoed clouds.

Natasha Giordano:



Filip Sijanec:

Same Sky:

Artwork by Kommonfaktor.

Uploaded by 03 May 2021