Melantónia Live 004 - Camilla Pisani

by Camilla Pisani


For its live series Melantónia welcomes the Rome based audiovisual artist Camilla Pisani.

Camilla looks for the interaction between space, sounds and abstract graphic signs. Her music is an hybrid, moving into a set of influences: ambient, drone, soundscape, soft noise, and minimal electronic. She composes field recordings, suspended atmospheres, hypnotic textures marked by concrete rhythms.

The recording features Camilla Pisani's works only. Tracklist below:

01 - I Once Saw My Deathbed But My Therapist Doesn't Know

02 - The Heartless Roar And The Welts Of Scorn

03 - Love Is An Ecomonster That Extinguishes Fragile Souls

04 - The Brainworm With Sad Blue Eyes I Chased

05 - If You Can’t Stay Alone, It's Because You're Empty

06 - The Toxic Nostalgia Of Your Memory

07 - Music Makes Victms





Artwork by Kommonfaktor.

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