23.7 - 25.7.2021, Slovenia

Izvir is where the Formaviva story began. On our birth grounds, we'll celebrate its 6th anniversary in an intimate family circle with guests and friends from all over the world.

This year, after all the invaluable lessons, we are taking Izvir to another level, which will take us on a journey of discovery, yet undiscovered.

Realizing the event in the form we envisioned requires 100% commitment and focus on shared well-being. This year we want to achieve an even higher level of coherence and harmony on the dance floor. We want to feel love and connection to a degree which requires courage to attain. We are ready.

We seek those who freely swim in the depths of common human values and embrace respect, unity, freedom of expression and identity. These brave souls should feel at home at the festival, as we seek to come together at the highest possible level, and achieve a vital dance-meditation connection, a tantric experience with highly therapeutic results!

Our main catalyst for growth and ascent through this world is electronic music. Through it's careful presentation, and dance, it allows us to collectively combat ill vibrations, at levels that carry the potential for change in emotional perception and well being.

Let the Izvir remain a festival that transcends what is known and expected, and that goes beyond the boundaries within ourselves, beyond the boundaries drawn by others for us, beyond the boundaries that the environment quietly but persistently establishes.

The starting point will be on the dance floor, and the initial coordinates will be the values we share that unite us. 3-day credentials to enter the sacred grounds will be handed out to all geisha and samurais.

Prepare your Kimono or Torii won't let you through!

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Etapp Kyle
Issun Boshi
Magna Pia

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