We're glad to share another vinyl relic by adept veteran Feral. 'Woodland' takes us on a trip through his immaculate craftsmanship and inimitable sound, lacing contemporary minimalist deep dub techno with tribal psychedelia.

Feral consistently carries a thread of spirituality throughout his work. Embodying the sound of deep techno through his passion for audio engineering, hardware experimentation and fascination for percussive instruments, as well as an affinity for the shamanic becomes apparent when we swirl in tribal timbres and rhythms.

Finding comfort in the solitude of his studio; the sounds of Feral unearth the path of his multidimensional world, transporting the listener to a haunting, yet grounding refuge within.

The record will be pressed in two colour alternatives and come sheathed inside our custom cut hansaboard sleeves, printed in full colour with an oil painting by Gabriella Holmström.

Released by 31 October 2020
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by Feral

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