As the January full moon rises we're pleased to present our first record of the decade which comes crafted by dreamworld mastermind Birds ov Paradise. 'Till Dig' consists of four paradisaical cuts which all offer a fair share of light to warm our hearts as we slowly start our ascend toward summer bliss.

The music comes pressed on a black 180 gram twelve inch vinyl, sheathed inside our signature custom cut sleeves and a new artistic appearance that draws inspiration from the surrounding nature of our home in the forests of Bålsta, Sweden. It is made in collaboration between me (Michel) and my partner Gabriella who drew the sticker artworks. We are both looking forward to explore this new expression in conjunction with the music of our guild

Now, please bathe yourselves in the lush sounds of Birds ov Paradise.

All tracks written, produced and mixed by David Sabel

Artwork by Michel Méndez & Gabriella Holmström

Mastering by Mattias Fridell

Released by 09 March 2020

Till Dig

by Birds ov Paradise

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