We're pleased to announce the first solo Hypnus EP by the talented Primal Code. Following their much appreciated debut album 'La Via della Seta' (one of our most played releases to date); 'Caimano Tribe' takes their sound and our visual expression to a new level as we dive deep into quirky terrains.

The record is divided into four cuts with beats broken and speed altered in varying degree. From the suggestively alluring dance floor entrancer 'Caimano Tribe' to the sparse, jungle prowling 'Mutara Speech' and onward to the B-side which guides the listener deeper into the caiman swamps.

It comes sheathed inside our signature custom cut sleeves, adorned by an evocative illustration by Reza Afshar. Released under the September full moon, 2019.

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Introspective, nostalgic and hypnotic. These are the adjectives that describe the sounds of the young Italian duo Primal Code.

Davide and Gabriele come from Milano and they immediately jumped into the scene with slow melodies and sumptuous grooves found in their first EP 'Eteru', released by Hypnus Records. They later reconfirmed themselves with the second EP 'Artemisia', this time on Konstrukt which is received an excellent response.

A lot of other their original tracks can be listened on 'The Memoir' podcast series (soundcloud.com/hypnus-memoirs/page-13-primal-code), where you can find a focused hour of their music.

A personal and musical experience emerges in the songs, creating an atmosphere in which all listeners' senses are involved and projecting them into a sentimental level. Their music is an expression of a primordial instinct that dwells in all of us.



2019 - TBA

2019 - HYPNUS023: Primal Code - Caimano Tribe (12'' Vinyl)

2019 - SERUM2: Illuvia - Milla (Primal Code Remix)

2018 - HYPNUS019: Primal Code - La Via della Seta (2*12'' Vinyl)

2017 - SERUM1: Primal Code - Ēteru (12'' vinyl with interpretations from Luigi Tozzi & Feral)


Read more about the foundation and ideas behind Hypnus in this extensive interview with Orb Mag: www.orbmag.com/features/label-showcase-hypnus-records


released September 14, 2019

All tracks written and produced by Davide Perrone & Gabriele Giuggioli

Artwork by Reza Afshar

Mastered by Mattias Fridell

Released by 14 September 2019
Artists (1)

Caimano Tribe

by Primal Code

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