We're all but completely digested down into the pit of winter as the darkness really is starting to fester on the mind. Every year it seems as if the seasons grow ever more intense, tearing with both awe and pain. Guiding us forward, the full moon glows with light flowing through the sky like tears of relief. On this night we're very proud to reveal the third and last part of Birds ov Paradise's trilogy, ending up on the Plateau where blossoms may grow safely above fog and bones.

Part 1: BAYOU






Some of you may be acquainted with the music of Birds ov Paradise already as he's put out two stellar records on Jens Records and Aniara Recordings in 2016-2017, as well as making a contribution to our podcast series The Memoir where his sound was put on a grand display (see link below). Those of you who are new to the fantastic dream world of this very talented artist will quickly get lost in the flowing rhythms that drives his magical deep techno sound.

The Memoir - Page 23: Birds ov Paradise


We are delighted to finally introduce Birds ov Paradise as the latest expansion to the realms of Hypnus. We hope that you'll enjoy the trip.

Love and light

Released by 22 December 2018


by Birds ov Paradise

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A limited edition black 180 gram twelve inch vinyl record inside a full-color printed hansaboard sleeve. Sealed in plastic for safer transportation. Please recycle.
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