Human Lessons #045 - fulusoma (O-Ma x Bun Saito)

by fulusoma

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fulusoma (O-Ma x Bun Saito) hybrid live

10-01-2021, at Point8, Traffic Tokyo

O-Ma is a live artist and track maker from Japan. His music has no conventional musical background and cover a wide range of genres from techno, ambient to experimental, jungle and IDM. He performs regularly in Japan and overseas, taking his modular rack with him whenever he goes. He is also a member of MNMT (Monument) as correspondent.

Bun Saito (Terraforming / Pandora) Bun Saito has been active as a house and techno DJ since 2000. He spent 6 months in England in 2012 for intensive DJ study, where he participated in local squat raves and was baptized in the underground rave culture. After returning to Tokyo, he continued his development as a hardcore DJ, experimenting with drum and bass and jungle styles. He currently interacts with a wide variety of artists in the Japanese underground scene. Bun is constantly fine-tuning his home sound system to push the functionality of dance tracks to their limit and experiments with ambient noise and environmental sounds while delivering top-notch tunes that pack the dance floor.

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