Extracorporeal Therapy III - Save Your Atoll

by Save Your Atoll

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"Save Your Atoll" is a young project born in 2019 by the Italian artist Antonello Meloni based in Sardinia.

After a previous experience in the collective Spacedrome, of which he was co-

founder and after exploring the world of bass music, published several Ep. and played in many Italian cities, international festivals and some Berlin clubs, the accumulated life experiences have led to a new artistic reflection. Deep sound and Techno are his new language that is the foundation for a musical expression rich in ambient and atmospheric elements that outline the storytelling.

After the first year dedicated to presentations and to the recording of dozens of podcasts in 2020 Save Your Atoll begins to release its own productions, first with a single with strong influences "Burial" then contributing to the compilation for the 10 years of The Gods Planet with Mediterranea on TGP X and finally publishing in January 2021 The Universal Pattern, an Ep. of three self-produced tracks.

Several releases are planned for 2021.

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